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Looking for a caprine or canine to add to your current operation or to begin your journey?
While most kiddings take place in the spring, we breed year-round to maintain a consistent milk supply. Sometimes, milkers or bred does will be available throughout the year to keep the herd manageable.
LGD litters aren’t on a set schedule.
Prices listed include delivery into Prescott or a 23-mile radius from our farm. We’re happy to work with a reputable transporter with the buyer responsible for all associated costs.




Great Pyrenees Maremma puppies
AKi (GP)x Elvis (Maremma)

Our pups are thriving on working farms, in family homes, and guarding in not so usual setups. 
Interested in adding a pup to your family?  Contact Jim to discuss your goals, needs, set up, and to answer any questions you have. 

When the sun goes down, the pups come alive.

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