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Looking for a caprine or canine to add to your current operation or to begin your journey?
While most kiddings take place in the spring, we breed year round to maintain a consistent milk supply. Sometimes, milkers or bred does will be available throughout the year to keep the herd manageable.
LGD litters aren’t on a set schedule. Occassionally, we will hold back pups for further training and offer at an older age, check back every so often to see who’s available.
Prices listed include delivery into Prescott or a 23 mile radius from our farm. We’re happy to aid in arranging transportation with the buyer responsible for all associated costs.
We are a CAE/CL and Johnes free herd.  Tested 09/12/2018, samples taken by our vet.

The Nigerian herd is being scaled down.  I’m offering two very nice bucks, bred and milking does, and kids.

Cabra Pequeña BG Ragnar 2/23/2016 VEE 89 $450 POLLED adgaGenetics

Dam: DF Farms JD ArouraBorealis 2/07/2007
         DS: MCH Creek Road Jefferson Davis x DF Farms FS Lightnin’ Strike)
                DSS: Goodwood KW Dallas DSD: Creek Road Betsy
        DD: DF Farms FS Lightnin’ Strike
                DDS: Via Doloraosa Frank Sanatra DDD: Ahsum Acres Constellation
Sire: Kivuli Kids UB Bugsy 3/30/2015 BLUE EYES
        SS: Kivuli Kids KM Umbele
              SSS: Kaapio Acres RB Moonstruck +B SSD: DF Farms EDH Valkyrie (ArouraBorealis daughter)
        SD: Lil Roughnecks Doodlebug POLLED BLUE EYES
              SDS: DF Farms EDH Captain America SDD: MCH Lil Roughnecks Sweet Junebug

Ragnar is the combination Doodlebug, who has a lovely udder, and ArouraB, with some fun doubling up on DF Farms NH Every Day Hero.  ArouraB excels in general appearance, and at 11 yo is still up on her feet with a top line that’s holding up very well.  She has passed on her love of extended lactations with her daughter and granddaughters easily milking into 18-24 months.  Doodlebug is an elegant powerhouse (more powerhouse than elegant to be honest) with a lovely mammary.  Bugsy’s twin Ladybug (polled) scored 86 +EEV at Linear Appraisal in September at almost a year into her first freshening. The two litters from Ragnar this year have produced balanced kids, who have a cleaner and smoother general appearance than both dams.  His kids are lovely on the move.

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Pictures are of Ragnar, ArouraB, Bugsy, and Doodlebug’s udder.  ArouraB is 7 months fresh in this photo from her 2016 kidding with triplet bucklings on her through the day. he last udder photo is Doodlebug’s udder.

Cabra Pequena Ragnar’s Momo 2/12/2018 $300

Dam: Cabra Pequena GP Jingu +VE+ 83 (Castle Rock Yola Bolly x DF Farms JDS General Patton)  adgagenetics
Sire: Cabra Pequena BG Ragnar VEE 89 (DF Farms JD ArouraBorealis x Kivuli Kids UB Bugsy)  ADGAgenetics
Pictures are of Jingu’s udder, Momo at 2 weeks and 3 months of age, and Ragnar.

Momo is a blend of my three favorite senior does; ArouraBorealis, Yola Bolly, and Bugsy’s dam, Lil Roughnecks Doodlebug. All three have a will to milk into extended lactations, and lovely stand manners. Momo is shy at first, but a true lovebug once you’re no longer a stranger. She’s soft in her manners and is beginning to understand that leading is a good thing!
She comes with her ADGA papers from a CAE/CL Johnes free herd.

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Great Pyrenees Maremma puppies fall/early winter planned

When the sun goes down, the pups come alive. The pictures are of Asgard, their sire, and Aki, their dam, as a pup.

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