03/20/2014 – 03/19/2018

Moonbeam, oh Moonbeam!

You’re the friend everyone could count on to be there.

Loving everyone, even Daydream.

Always taking the friendless under your wing, no matter their size.

Our herd is lost without you.  Every day there are adjustments as we all figure out how to live without you.    I can only hope you’re in a realm spreading your Love and Light to others that are in need.  Though, I’m not sure they need you as much as we do.img_20160621_185947969_hdr

Forever in my mind, I’ll see B.B eating with you.  When Lucy didn’t want her around the new kids and she didn’t quite fit in with the other girls, you let her eat with you, sleep with you, and you’d have her back when the others were being jerks.

This past summer, you did the same for Brunhyldr.  Her move to Arizona was the first time she was living without her mom and family.  You didn’t hesitate.  You approached her, sniffing, letting her sniff you.  Within 36 hours she was your shadow.  B.B had formed new friendships and Brunhulde fit right in as your side kick.  The next morning you had a golden shadow, the Sun protected by the Moon.  She was your close friend till the end of your pregnancy.  By the time you were spending nights in the kidding stall, she was bffs with Ruckus.  You’d done your job, she had a new friend.

Your kids are amazing.  Heart centered.  Loving. The only thing I can do is try to love half as much as you did, and love everyone whole heartedly as you do.

We miss you Moonbeam.

We always will.

“Be Kind.  Love Everyone.”


Kylee’s Kids Burt Moonlight


2 thoughts on “Moonbeam

  1. What a touching tribute to a wonderful, irreplaceable member of your team! Condolences on her loss.
    We are back visiting Prescott, and looked up your web site. Hope to see you in town!

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