The guys out grazing.

We love our guys.
Seriously.  If I could have a barn full of bucks I would.
Where we live is a bit of a quality buck desert for Nigerian Dwarfs –pun intended.  There are many with a nice buck who aren’t not registered, who has thrown splashy or nice backyard milkers.  Starting as we did with Nigerians, I knew I would be looking a ways away, across state lines.
When adding a buck, I look at potentials for generations to come; not only this, nor the next, breeding seasons.


DF Farms JDS General Patton  3/25/2014

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Sire: MCH Creek Road Jefferson Davis (AGS)

Dam:  DF Farms CA Wonder Woman
Patton came to us from Bev and Bill and DF Farms in Buckeye, AZ.   I was so pleased with a JD daughter, ArouraB, who was our first doe, that I wanted a son from Jefferson Davis.  There are many things to say about this guy, from the loving personality he passes on, to the tightened udders and extended lactations of his freshened daughters.

Tule Creek Fritz the Fearless 03/07/2016
AT1827406 ADGAGenetics

Sire: Welbian-Farm’s Mr Mad Concept
Dam:  M’s Sagebrush Laur Raisha

Toggenburgs have been my goal from the ’90s.  When we were adding LaManchas, I knew I wanted a Toggenburg buck to cross for experimentals.  Marshall and Trudy Losey had a few Togg does I  admired from their website.  But alas, I was too late. Their Toggenburg herd had found a new home at Tule Creek dairy in Texas about month before.  Carey and Lee Bartram at Tule Creek had a picture of Laur Raisha’s udder on the website. I looked at her data and found my second Togg Doe Love.   In April ’16 Carey graciously replied to my inquires and offered us Fritz.  He was added based on his genetics and dam’s udder.
I’ve bred him to both of my LM does and my Togg doe; his kids are more than I expected
.  The wethers have lovely dispositions, and his first daughters will freshen in March ’20