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We are a small farm in Skull Valley, Arizona specializing in soaps and caramels made with rich and creamy goat’s milk. Our herd is mainly Nigerian Dwarfs complimented with LaManchas and Toggenburgs.  Our breeding focus is milk production with a correct, strong overall structure to carry a doe through a long, productive life.  Our pack wethers are bred from sweet, willing, and strong stock.


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03/20/2014 – 03/19/2018 Moonbeam, oh Moonbeam! You’re the friend everyone could count on to be there. Loving everyone, even Daydream. Always taking the friendless under your wing, no matter their size. Our herd is lost without you.  Every day there are adjustments as we all figure out how to live without you.    I can … Continue reading Moonbeam

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